Fish & Meat 

Mario Weinberg




駐村藝術家 Mario Weinberg個展












探索提問的過程,Mario Weinberg更加著迷


In an attempt to characterize Mario´s artistic flux, perhaps a cuisine related adage found in the German culture can work as an analogy: ”fish and meat are not served together – you have to choose one”.


In contrast, the Chinese speaking world advocates ”the union of sea and land as a legendary feast”.


Consequently, Mario puts out a question whether it is possible to simultaneously give rise to all of the predicaments in one painting.


Resulting work is a canvas full of various kinds of techniques facing off each other.


From the grasp of his utmost high skill, Mario constructed a world of unknown which is brimming of magnanimous messages. 


He leaves the destination of this visual journey up to the observer to relish freely.


Rather than finding answers, Mario Weinberg is more fascinated about the process of exploring.


Mario Weinberg


1982        出生於德國Werl, Germany

2007    就讀Academy of Fine arts Münster 2008 並師事Cornelius Völker 教授

2013        取得Meisterschüler資格畢業

2013        前往上海擔任駐村藝術家

2016        定居柏林

2019        擔任新竹市鐵道藝術村駐村藝術家



2018        Solo show “best before” in gallery “erster erster” ,Berlin, Germany

Group show “works” in artist off space “VOODOO88”, Berlin, Germany

Group show “NordArt” ,Rendsburg, Germany

Group show “KEIN WUNDER.” in gallery “raumfürdrasstischemassnahmen”, Berlin, Germany


2017        Group show “unpredictable“ in “Schaufenster“, Berlin, Germany


2015        Solo show “this summer will be most exciting” , Vast Art Centre Shanghai, China

            “20 Artists, 8765km, 75m2″, Oh La Art Space, Shanghai, China

Group show of emerging artists in China Art Museum, Shanghai, China


2014        “W&M”, exhibition cooperated with Wang Yuhong, “Choir”, Shanghai, China


2013    “Von Beckmann bis Warhol - Kunst des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts“

        (from Beckmann to Warhol - art of the 20. and 21. century)
Die Sammlung Bayer, Martin-Gropius- Bau, Berlin, Germany


“RAUMSECHS shows Mario Weinberg“, Galerie RAUMSECHS“, Düsseldorf, Germany

“price of the academy of fine arts Münster“, Münster, Germany


2012    “Malerei Zwölf“, Kunstverein Gelsenkirchen in the museum of art, 


“Das Geschlecht der Arbeit“, Kunstverein Gelsenkirchen, Germany

“Adel verpflichtet“, Hebebühne Wuppertal, Germany

        “fast abstrakte Welten“, „die alte Druckerei“, Herne, Germany


2011    “Das dritte Nasenloch“, Bayer Kulturhaus Leverkusen, Germany

2010    “Das goldene Dorf“, EMSCHERKUNST. 2010, Recklinghausen, Germany

2008    “Was machen wir mit Jonas“ , Stadthaus- Galerie Lippstadt , Germany